What do these acronyms mean?

NIB - New in Box
NWOB - New Without Box
NWT - New with tags
NWOT - New without Tags

Where does your product come from?

In 2017, LAB was selected by the leading luxury-resale supplier in the world to carry their extensive inventory of designer handbags, and accessories. Many of which are now discontinued bags, rare, and current limited edition bags. At the time, LAB was the only Canadian store approached to sell their products. You may see the same images that you see on LAB, on other websites too. Our supplier sells to other stores aside from LAB.

This is where the bulk of our luxury items are sourced.

These items are sourced from all over Europe, North America, and Japan. They are photographed, examined for their condition, and put through a rigorous authentication process.

Our supplier uploads the product directly to our site, with images, pricing, and descriptions. Often, the language in the descriptions may be a touch lost in translation (we are working on this!) and, because we're a Canadian retailer that purchases these products in USD, the prices can waver as the exchange rate does. This is also why these items rarely go on sale.

This is where our Make an Offer feature comes in handy. Because we have THOUSANDS of products, and pricing can fluctuate, there may be opportunities for you to save on the advertised price. If you see the Make an Offer button, present us with a reasonable offer and, if we approve, the product could be yours at the agreed-upon price. They sale is not final until you go through the checkout process of course :) (And if you have any questions, just email us! We're always happy to hear from you!)  

We also want to note that the condition grading for these products can be very conservative. Our vendor discloses EVERY little bump and bruise, even those unseen to the naked eye. They do this so our customers won't be surprised when the item arrives. Honesty is and will always be the backbone of LAB. If you have any questions about the condition of a product, just message us and we'll take a close look at the condition grading and contact our supplier for more information.

Clothing, Footwear, and brand new beauty items are sourced from individuals or purchased at wholesale.

The LAB Edit

These are new items sourced from vendors, brands, makers, and wholesalers.

Are the beauty products used?

No. That's gross.

Our beauty items are sourced from local wholesale distributors, individuals, or stores.

I'm confused about a product's size, what is my size?

How can I find a specific product or brand?

You can visit our our brands here, and you can use our search bar or filters for a more precise search.

Do you consign or buy merchandise?

We do consign! Please contact us to discuss. We do not buy from individuals.

I really like something, can I barter?

While bartering is fun to do at flea markets, we prefer negotiations.

Learn about our Make an Offer feature here.

What is LAB The Edit?

The LAB Edit was born in 2020 when the pandemic hit. We felt the need to offer our clients a wellness essentials department. Most of the items in this dept are purchased from wholesale.

Can you find a specific item for me?

We sure can! We have thousands of luxury goods at our fingertips. Visit our Wish List page to make your requests.

General FAQ

Will I receive a tracking # for my purchase?

If you selected a rate that includes tracking, then you will! All Canadian orders include tracking. International orders will be given the choice. All shipping info here.

What's the deal with your discount codes?

Customers may now stack discount and shipping codes! 

Free shipping codes will be used on standard shipping only, rates totally under $20. No Xpresspost will be used.

There are exemptions, and codes may not work on some items.

Why aren't I receiving emails or newsletters from you?

Good Question! You can sign up at the bottom of any page on our site.

Even more info

Are all of these products authentic? Why should I trust you?

They sure are! LAB was created in 2009 By Lauren Baker in Toronto, Canada with a pure heart. Lauren is strongly against counterfeits, and dishonesty.

How can you trust LAB? Read our testimonials, google us, and listen to your gut? We can't tell you how to trust us, but just know that we couldn't sleep at night if we sold inauthentic merchandise. Period.

All merchandise is covered by our 100% money back authenticity guarantee.

More information on our authenticity guarantee here.

Why should I pay so much for a used handbag?!

Great question!

Did you know it takes 2 days to make a Hermes Birkin? That's called craftsmanship.

According to Art Market Research (AMR), bags now outperform art, classic cars and rare whiskies in terms of investment potential. Some bags, from the likes of Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, have even experienced a valuation spike of an average of 83% in the last ten years.

How should I care for my fancy new handbag?

Handbags should be stored away from sunlight, stuffed, and in a soft cloth bag. When using, never put your bag on the ground, and never put loose makeup or pens in your bag.

Used shoes, really?

Yes, used footwear! We only sell footwear in B+ or better condition. We wipe them down, and you can too!

Why don't you have a phone number? That's weird.

We prefer to do business over email where everything is documented and accounted for. This way there are no misunderstandings. We love a paper trail :) If you absolutely have to speak to us on the phone, email us for the number.

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