March 2024 - We are no longer accepting items on consignment until further notice.






Thanks for your interest in consigning with LAB Luxury Resale, Canada's trusted source for luxury and contemporary resale. We are accepting items on consignment again! We are now providing Canadian consignors with pre paid shipping labels and coordinating pick up with Canada Post for ease.

This service is on us!

We are accepting Bags, beauty, footwear, some clothing, and accessories only. Please reference our designer brand page for examples of what we carry.

Consignment inquiries please email us to obtain a google doc to fill in.

I will respond with what I'd like to take and then I'll need dimensions and weight of the package you wish to send in. I'll also need your full contact information and when you'd like your parcel picked up by Canada Post.

All clothing, footwear, and accessory items must be authentic, clean, in very good + condition. Should something need cleaning, it will be deducted from your earnings.

All beauty items MUST be new, fresh, and authentic.

Inauthentic items received will be disposed of and not returned to you. LAB is a proud authentic reseller, and have no time for counterfeit activities. Nor should you.  


Why choose LAB?

Unlike other resale businesses, we take care of you and your account. No need to check in on what the status is of your items or payouts. We let you know every month. It's our job!

LAB has been the trusted choice for consigning in Canada since 2009, our consignors love us ;)

Upon receiving your mailed-in items, LAB will:

-Appraise the items, add selected items to consignor’s account, and email inventory to consignor once processed. Fair pricing will then be evaluated by LAB's experienced appraiser.

-Pay consignor 50% of proceeds from their sold items via electronic money transfer. This is negotiable regarding bags only. 

- items will be marked down at our discretion. 

-If item(s) do(es) not sell within our timeline LAB will prepare the return of unsold items and ship to the consignor at the consignor's expense, or donate to charity.  

Consignor Testimonials:

 "Lauren is a detail oriented perfectionist. Working with her is like a breath of fresh air: She has a contract, insurance, and spreadsheets, and is tidy and organized. Who knew this was so hard to come by?"
- another happy consignor in Toronto

"As someone relatively new to the consignment game, I have been totally impressed with LAB and happy to have all the beloved pieces I no longer wear/use join her inventory list as Lauren and her team have treated them with respect. I appreciate the clear and fair guidelines, which they stick to, including payment schedules. A combination of their savvy and appealing online descriptions and broad reach has meant that the pieces I have left with them have sold at price points I've been happy with. My only "problem" is resisting the temptation to apply my payments to purchasing all the great stuff other clients have consigned with them!"
~ A happy consignor in Toronto 

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