LAB Luxury Resale

In 2017, LAB was chosen by Luxclusif - the leading luxury-resale supplier in the world to carry their extensive inventory of designer handbags, and accessories. Many of which are now discontinued bags, rare, and current limited edition bags. At the time, LAB was the only Canadian store approached to sell their products.  

After many meetings, emails, and discussions, the products started rolling in. This is where the bulk of our luxury items are sourced. 

These items are sourced from all over Europe and Japan. They are photographed, examined  for their condition, and put through a rigorous authentication process. 

Our supplier uploads the product directly to our site, with images, pricing, and descriptions. Because we're a Canadian retailer that purchases these products in USD, the prices can waver as the exchange rate does. This is also why these items rarely if ever go on sale. 

Farfetch acquired Luxclusif in December 2021.

How are these items priced you ask?

Because we have THOUSANDS of products from our supplier who charges in USD, pricing can fluctuate due to the USD conversion rate, there may be opportunities for you to save on the advertised price. This is where our Make an Offer feature comes in handy.  If you see the Make an Offer button, present us with a reasonable offer and, if we approve, the product could be yours at the agreed-upon price. They sale is not final until you go through the checkout process of course :) If you have any questions, just email us! We're always happy to hear from you!

Also included in our pricing for this collection is the fees we incur from PayPal, Affirm, and credit card fees. LAB is a small business that works within very small margins that cannot add these fees to our overhead. Once you let us know how you plan on paying for your item from this collection, we can work out a price that works for both of us. 

We also want to note that the condition grading for these products can be very conservative. Our supplier discloses EVERY little bump and bruise, even those unseen to the naked eye. They do this so our customers won't be surprised when the item arrives. Honesty is and will always be the backbone of LAB. If you have any questions about the condition of a product, just message us and we'll take a close look at the condition grading and contact our supplier for more information.

There are no duties for Canadian customers.

Clothing, Footwear, and some brand new beauty items come from our local consignors who we've been working with for over a decade. 

The LAB Edit

These are new items sourced from vendors, brands, makers, and wholesalers. Many lines we buy in house and are full price, however most of our beauty inventory is 25 - 40% off original retail prices. 

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