Pristine Condition means: 

Item shows no signs of being worn. Items in this category have original tags on them, or come in the original packaging.

NWT = New with tags

NIB = New in Box

NWOB = New without Box 

Excellent Condition means: Clothing is in perfect condition. Shoes and boots may have been worn inside and have light scuffing on the soles, but the leather is perfect. Handbags are in perfect condition. Jewelry shows no signs of being worn.

Very Good Condition means: Clothing shows signs of being dry cleaned (meaning some colour degradation). For shoes to be classified as very good, it means that the items have been used more than once, but only a few times. The shoes and boots have sole scuffing. The handbags may have slightly worn corners. The item has been used and very well taken care of. There are limited signs of wear that will be described in detail and visually declared in the product photo. The term slightly highlighted here. Jewelry may have slight scratches on the gold or silver, but the stones are still perfect. 

Good Condition means: Clothing may have a very faint stain or ink mark. Shoes have clearly been used repeatedly, but are still without significant degradation. Jewelry has multiple scratches on gold and silver, but stones are fine. Handbags, the item has been used with visible signs of wear. There may be slight patina and other indications of use. All of which are either described in detail or visually declared in the product photos.    


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