How to care for your handbags

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Handbags can take a beating just like shoes can, but in order to consign your bags, they must be kept in the best shape possible. Follow these simple tips in order to get maximum earning potential:


1. Only buy authentic bags. But from trusted stores and vendors only. All major luxury department stores and resale shops with authenticity guarantees (like LAB!) can always be trusted. If you find a Chanel bag on an unfamiliar website for $150, chances are more than likely it's not authentic.


2. Keep all receipts, tags, dust bags, and boxes that came with your bag. Store them in your bag or in your accordion folder with all of your other important documents. Bags are an investment! Receipts prove authenticity, many buyers of high end bags only buy when a receipt is present.


3. When you are not using your bag, keep it stuffed with tissue (not newspaper), and housed it it's original dust bag.


4. Never put your bag on the ground. 


5. Be kind to the interior of your purses. If you carry make-up in your purse, put it in in a Ziploc or a make-up bag. (I've seen some amazing bags come in that I've had to reject due to a concealer explosion that totally ruined the interior liner of the purse.) 


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