Why it's a smart idea to gift an item bought on consignment

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While many shoppers head en masse to the mall at this time of year, those who take pride in giving loved ones unique gifts should look to consignment retailers—like LAB!—for one-of-a-kind finds. 

Sure, we're totally biased, but there are many reasons why you should shop at LAB Consignment for the fashion-phile on your holiday-gift list: 


-You get more bang for your buck: We offer new and gently used designer clothing, purses, and accessories at a fraction of the regular retail price. (A great deal of our items are unworn, and most still have the original tags!)

-Consignment shopping is environmentally conscious shopping: Sure, the fast-fashion brands you find at the mall are cheap, but in return you get a low-quality garment that will fall apart after a few washes, get tossed in the garbage, and add to our planet's ever-increasing waste-load. We take pride in finding new homes for previously loved, top-quality pieces that were built to last for decades. 

-Shop local: Supporting small businesses enriches your local neighbourhood's economy and culture—think about that before giving another generic multi-national big-box outlet your hard-earned bucks!

-Keep it real: All of our merchandise is guaranteed 100 per cent authentic. Buying designer consignment is always better than buying a knock-off!


The key is to know who you're shopping for—if your gift recipient isn't the sort of person who cares about being thrifty or who has misgivings about receiving a previously owned item, then perhaps a trip to the mall is in order. But for the open-minded, conscientious friends and family members on your list, let us direct you to a gift they won't soon forget.


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