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Hermès Paris has whispered the ultimate in luxury since 1837. Founded as a saddlery company by Thierry Hermès, the company produces scarves, ties, handbags, luggage, small leather goods, ready to wear clothing, home décor, jewelry, fragrances, and saddles. Leather goods account for nearly 30% of their revenue, with scarves contributing 12 percent and clothing 15 percent. Hermès continues to be 80 percent family owned, with the remaining 20 percent traded on the Paris Bourse. 

Many consider Hermès’ iconic handbags to be the ultimate luxury accessory. These coveted items are handmade, with one craftsman working on and completing a single bag. Taking up to 24 hours to create, they are crafted from fine leathers or exotic skins and the findings can include precious metals. Their Kelly bag gained worldwide recognition in 1956 when Grace Kelly was photographed carrying one. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis used both the Constance and Trim bags. The Birkin bag was specially designed for actress Jane Birkin and went on to become the most highly coveted handbag in history. The wait time for a Birkin bag can be up to two years, depending on the materials used to create it.

Starting with the fall 2004 collection, Jean Paul Gaultier became the head designer at Hermès. In May 2010, he announced he would be leaving the company. He was replaced by Christophe Lemaire.