• Why it's a smart idea to gift an item bought on consignment

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    While many shoppers head en masse to the mall at this time of year, those who take pride in giving loved ones unique gifts should look to consignment retailers—like LAB!—for one-of-a-kind finds.  Sure, we're totally biased, but there are many reasons why you should shop at LAB Consignment for the fashion-phile on your holiday-gift list:    -You get more bang for your buck: We...
  • Louis Vuitton to Discontinue Takashi Murakami Multicolore Monogram Collection

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    It's the end of an era. One of LV's most popular designs has been discontinued after over a decade of major popularity. If you weren't aware that Louis Vuitton was still making the line, which feature LV's signature monogram motifs in bright colours set against either black or white backgrounds, you're not alone. Many fashion insiders thought it was already discontinued! Monogram Multicolore is...
  • LAB hearts The Drake Devonshire

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      I have had a major soft spot for The Drake for over 10 years. The Toronto boutique hotel opened the year I moved here, and I instantly felt a kinship. Years later, I moved in with my future husband just down the street, and The Drake became our kitchen, dancefloor, stage, and, eventually, our wedding aisle. LAB even did a pop-up there once upon a...
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