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A professional, multi-purpose skin care product to nurture skin with natures most effective ingredients. Look and feel beautiful using a 100% natural product! Honey offers incredible benefits towards skincare - it keeps skin from infection and keeps skin smooth and soft.

Used by multiple celebrities and beauty artists, Egyptian Magic has been on the market for 27 years and has grown through word of mouth into one of the most popular and widely endorsed skin creams in the world.

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream contains no additives, added preservatives, parabens or GMO ingredients. This advanced formula utilizes the natural preservatives found in the potent ingredients to create a balm that is as natural as it is effective.

    Celebrity Endorsements:

    • Eva Mendes
    • Lauren Conrad
    • Kate Hudson
    • Rooney Mara
    • Cameron Diaz
    • January Jones
    • Rihanna

    How to use:  Rub a moderate amount into your palms until it takes the form of oil, which improves absorption. Apply it gently over your skin, cuticles, hair or lips.

    Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Propolis & Royal Jelly

    Please note: This product contains bee pollen.


    The Best Uses of Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream

    Our 100% natural balm has been used as a face moisturizer, an eye cream, a scar treatment, a hair mask, a baby cream, a shaving balm and anything else you can think of. It also works wonders on eczema, skin irritations and redness, burn and wound relief. When we say multi-purpose, we really mean it!

    “If there’s a skin problem this stuff can’t deal with, I can’t find it.” – The Huffington Post

    #1: Amazing moisturizer

    People often start using Egyptian Magic to solve a skin problem such as a rash or burn or scar, and then con- tinue using it as a skin moisturizer and as an anti-wrinkle skin care cream. Using it twice a day does wonders for creating soft, smooth skin. You can also use as a lip balm or as an eye cream.

    #2: Eczema & Psoriasis relief

    We find that about one-third of our customers discover Egyptian Magic after looking for natural alternatives to commercial moisturizing creams as a treatment for eczema and psoriasis to soothe and repair skin.

    #3: Treating cuts and scrapes, healing burns

    Egyptian Magic has been used to take away sting or burning sensation after minor burns including sunburn. The cream gives a soothing effect. Ideal product to keep in your first aid kit as a treatment for cuts and scrapes.

    #4: Fading scars

    Many comment on Egyptian Magic’s “magical” ability to fade recent scars and skin discolorations. Popular among plastic surgeons, who recommend it to their patients to accelerate the healing of plastic surgery scars.

    #5: Makeup primer

    Loved by Hollywood celebrities, stylists and makeup artists, Egyptian Magic is then used as a skin primer to give a unique glow and prepare skin for makeup. Apply the balm on the entire face or to highlight specific fea- tures such as cheekbones, eyelids or eyebrows.

    #7: Makeup remover

    Apply on your eyes, and use a cotton ball to gently wipe your eyes clean. Do the same with the rest of your face (can also use a wet cloth instead of a cotton ball). The natural oils should break down the oils in your makeup. Not only is your makeup gone, your skin is moisturized and ready for bed!

    #8: After shave

    Your skin is sensitive especially after shaving and may have scars or irritation as a side effect. Use Egyptian Magic as an after-shave for a soothing effect. Contains no alcohol or chemicals.

    #9: Acne

    Despite it feeling “greasy”, Olive Oil actually heals the skin (it has the same molecular size as skin so wont clog pores). Works to help reduce acne and works on acne scars.

    #10: Hand and cuticle cream / Cracked heels and elbows

    Nourish and soften any dry patches of skin, on hands, cuticles, feet, heels and elbows. Apply before going to bed (and eventually wear coton gloves/socks) and wake up with soft and revived skin in the morning!

    #12: Hair conditioner

    For many of our clients, one of the most delightful discoveries is how beneficial Egyptian Magic can be as a moisturizing hair conditioner – either on a regular basis or as a conditioning hot pack. Egyptian Magic’s all-nat- ural ingredients will restore luster to your hair, replenish its natural oils, tame frizz and condition split ends.

    #13: Massage balm

    The texture of Egyptian Magic is ideal for massages: warm up the balm between your hands until it transforms into an oil and massage on skin.

    #14: Tattoo aftercare

    After getting a tattoo, apply to the area to help with healing, reduce scabbing and soothe redness.

    #15: Diaper rash

    Egyptian Magic is safe to use on babies and infants. Non-irritating and petroleum-free, it is found to prevent and heal diaper rash, while moisturizing and soothing the baby’s sensitive skin. As with any skin care product, please consult your pediatrician before use and do not apply if your baby may have an allergy to bee products.

    #16: During and after pregnancy

    We’ve heard from mothers who use Egyptian Magic for stretch marks and cracked nipples. Apply the balm (twice daily at least) to belly, hips, breasts and thighs during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.

    #17: Pet care

    Not just for humans, great for animals too! Used for skin irritations, wounds, ear mites, moisturizing skin, hair and nails/hooves... safe for animals to lick off.

    #18: Vaginal moisturizer and lubricant

    According to many gynecologists, such as Dr. Uzzi Rees of Beverly Hills, CA, Egyptian Magic works well as a natural vaginal moisturizer and lubricant.

    #19: Hemorrhoids

    Reduces swelling, redness, burning and stinging sensation. Gently soothes irritated tissue.

    We make no medical claims for the product. Every testimonial is unsolicited and unedited.

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