Lumin Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin Serum Roller 8ml
Give fine lines the finger (both literally and figuratively speaking). Your skin and the sun have a love/hate relationship. While a sweet tan is always nice, sun damage is the #1 external cause of aging. Counteract those long hours in...
Lumin Hydrating Hand Balm 25ml
Often exposed to the elements, the skin on your hands dry up quickly? Start protecting and hydrating them just like you do your face. Helps With - Dryness - Hydration Key Ingredients   Shea Butter  - High in fatty acids making it an...
Lumin Cooling After Shave 30ml
Start reducing the appearance of in-growns and redness with our no-alcohol formulation. Helps With - Puffiness - Redness - Dryness - Weak skin barrier Key Ingredients   Shea Butter  - High in fatty acids making it an effective hydrating and softening agent. Contains anti-inflammatory and...
Lumin Clarifying Body Wash 275ml
Gently soothes and works to remove dirt and oil build up across your body's skin Helps With - Dirt build-up - Body odor - Body breakouts - Inflammation Key Ingredients   Tea Tree Leaf Oil  - Balances oil production and prevents breakouts while soothing dry,...
Lumin Eye Puff Deflator
Works to reduce the appearance of puffiness, under-eye bags, crow's feet, and tired looks. Helps With - Eye puffiness - Fine lines - Crows feet - Dark circles Key Ingredients   Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)  - Strengthens a weakened skin surface and reduces inflammation that can...

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